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Having a nanny- Good or Bad?

Nanny services are majorly used by the people who stay in nuclear families and both husband and wife are working. Nannies are hired because most of the parents do not like dealing with the politics of relying on any relative or the hassle of daily pickups and drop-offs at any baby care centre.

There are many nanny agencies that employ people to provide motherly care to the infants, toddlers and even the grown-up kids. Here are some good and some bad consequences of having a nanny. Let us have a look at the advantages first:

  • Homely stay: Nanny Care makes a baby grow under familiar surroundings as the baby stays at home and grows up within the family wherein in the baby care centre, the child is somehow restricted. The homely stay allows a child to sleep and eat as per his/her own routine and need not have to follow any rules from the very early age.
  • One-on-one care: Hiring a person to take care of your child is a great option because the child would get individual care every day. Whereas in a daycare centre it is not necessary that your child will be given priority when he/she cries or need something because there are many other kids as well whose care is the responsibility of the care centre.
  • Flexibility: Scheduling is much easier with a nanny as compared to a daycare centre because such centres have their own opening and closing times and you have to reach there anyhow by the closing time to pick your child up and all this can create serious hassles in your lives.

The bad consequences or the disadvantages include:

Nanny care does have certain disadvantages or we can say limitations, making the process of hiring a nanny complicated and doubtful to trust someone and leave your child over their responsibility all day long. Let us have a look at these drawbacks of hiring a nanny:

  • No back up care options: A lot of families have come across the situation that their nanny has left the job all of a sudden without any prior notice and therefore people now have started including the clause in the contract that whenever a nanny needs to leave job she has to give a prior notice of a month so that the parents can start their hunt for a new nanny for their child as a replacement.
  • Less social interaction: Your child’s social interaction is somehow restricted being with his/her nanny every time. For this, you need to sign your child up for some classes and encourage the nanny to take her regularly to the classes to boost her social interaction.

Other than the above-listed there are many other advantages and disadvantages of hiring a nanny. Lack of privacy and the hassle of a lot of paperwork is something that binds the parents to rethink about hiring a caretaker for their child. Make sure you interview the candidate properly and you take in a copy of all the necessary documents before her first day at work. Also, consider employing a caretaker from well-known and reputed nanny agencies in your vicinity.


Nanny Agencies: The necessity of families in current scenario

There is myth among people that the services of nanny agencies are required only by the families where both the parents are working and have to stay out of the home till evening due to their job responsibilities. But, interestingly apart from such families the services of nannies are also required by families where there is only a single parent and there is no adult in the family to look after the kid when his mother or father is not at home.

You will agree that in today’s scenario there is increase in the number of divorces, although in most of the case there is no child. I mean the divorce is between the issueless parents but still there are some case when there either one or two children existing in the family and both the parents are keen to take the responsibility of the children because they feel that the other partner will not be able to take care of the children properly as they individually can take. Nevertheless, on the other side when such parents are given the custody of their child or children t hey found themselves caught in the situation where it is difficult for them to take the responsibility individually on their shoulder alone as they have to look after their professional engagements also. Going through this problem they are in the search of a nanny who properly takes care of the child in his absence.

Similarly there are chances when unfortunately any of the partners dies at the early age and instead of marrying second time, the left partner decides to take the responsibility of their kid on his shoulder to offer the luxurious and comfortable life to the kid. Anyhow on the other side as the single parent also has his professional obligations on his shoulder it becomes difficult for such single parent to manage proper balance between both the duties. Therefore to let the child never feel alone at home such parents are also in search of a nanny who can provide safe caring to the child while they are out of home.

In simple words it can be said that the services of nanny agencies among the families of North West and across the world has become the necessity of all parents and families. So, now the question arises that from where one can find the nanny of their choice, because going through the huge demand of nannies across the world you can find plethora of nanny agencies located in the different corners of the world. The problem from which are parents cope is to finding an authentic and reliable agency of nannies is not an easy task, moreover as it is the matter related with the security of your child the parents look for the person who is safe, reliable, well experienced and can look after the children as his own child.

Nanny Agencies North West

Apart from this although the main responsibility of the nanny is to take care of the child during the absence of his parents, but for how many hours the parents wants the service of a nanny I mean whether part time or full time or for how long period they want to acquire the service of nanny or do they want housekeeper for the child are few question about which the parents should think before visiting to some nanny agency.

Because it is seen that where both the parents are working there is change in their office timings for instance the husband goes to office for full time for nine to ten hours whereas the wife comes back to home after three to four hours. In such scenario they require the nanny to stay with their child for limited period. On the other side there are some parents who return back to home at the same time, and therefore such parents need the services of nanny for full time.

Similarly there are lots of parents who apart from their professional responsibilities have to look after various social responsibilities due to which it is not possible for them to let their child or kids join them wherever they go. Therefore such parents are in need of a nanny who can stay at their home and along with taking care of their child also help them in doing different home tasks at the same time, so that they can enjoy their time at home with their child.

Going through varied needs of families different types of nanny services are provided by the agencies depending upon the requirement of the parents. It is therefore imperative for the parents to assess their requirement of nanny because depending upon their demand the charges of the nanny will be charged by the agency, and also the suitable nanny will be provided to the parents.

Here there are some factors which the parents should consider before finalizing a nanny is that they should personally individually the nanny and try to interact with her and notice her behavior. Because if the nanny loses her temperament on short matters it is quite important when it comes to safety of your child, as there are some circumstances when a child needs to be scolded but it does not mean that he needs to be beaten bitterly that it affects to his body. To avoid any such incidence the nanny that you hire for the child should have an ability of take care of the child controlling her temperament.

Similarly the nanny should help your child in learning social etiquettes and get involved with other kids of his age. Moreover as the child spends long hour of day with the nanny it is your responsibility that you should consider the nanny as the member of your family and not as your paid servant and thus, give her the same respect and honor which you give to other members of your family. Doing this will not only let the nanny get closer to your child and the family but also develops the feeling of respect for nanny in front of your child and he will follow the instructions given by her.

Housekeepers for Hire

In simple words it can be said that hiring the nanny is not a daunting task but hiring the nanny that fits to your parameter and who takes the responsibility of your child on her shoulders is quite scaring task.

Why You Should Search for Live in Nanny?

Home is the first school of a child. This one single sentence is enough to reveal the relevance of the family in life of every person, because whatever we learn from family it clearly impacts of our personality. Therefore when it comes to taking care of the children and looking after their various needs all parents do not leave any stone unturned to let their children feel absence of anything in their life. But sometimes in desire of satisfying different needs of the children parents get away from their children that they even do not get a single moment to spend with their child. On the contrary in efforts of earning huge money for their children they find their little ones got addicted by the habits which are quite enough to not only spoil their personality but whole future.

Well this is the first side of the picture there is another side of picture too which can considered responsible for the whole problem. You will agree that in today’s scenario prices of all commodities are hiking at jet dynamic speed that to let the children enjoy a comfortable life it is imperative for both the parents to work. Surprisingly it is the point from where the whole problem begins, because when both the mother and father go out for work there is no one to look after their child and in absence of proper care the little mind of child is not able to differentiate between the merits and demerits of different things and learn all those things that are performed in front of him.

Going through this concern, now day’s practice of hiring the live in nannies has gained huge popularity across the world. Nannies in fact are mainly the ladies who are ready to take the responsibility of children from such families. Today there is plethora of such organizations that provide the services of nannies to families willing to hire their services, these groups provide you the details of different nannies working with them after which depending upon your convenience and requirement you can hire any of them that best suits to your needs by meeting and interviewing them.

Once you succeed in hiring the appropriate nanny for your child it can be said that you have almost won half of the battle by protecting your child from learning the habits which could be harmful for his future. Let us now have a look on the benefits that you can enjoy by hiring the service of a live in nanny.

  1. The most important benefit of hiring such nanny is that she will live in your house 24×7 for the period you hired her services, because one your child is capable of taking his care himself you will not require the service only look after his needs and take his care but will also make him learn the social etiquettes and learning his basic education.
  2. As the parents have to accomplish various types of social engagements where it is not possible to go with the children, they can leave the child in the hands of nanny without his concern of safety.
  3. One more interesting benefit of hiring the live in nanny is that when you are at home you can get sufficient time to spend with your child. Otherwise as after reaching home the parents have to look after different type of home tasks they are not able to give appropriate time to the child despite of being at home. But once you have a nanny at home you can ask her to accomplish some of your home tasks and let you enjoy some quality time with your kid.
  4. Similarly if you want to go market with your child you ask the nanny to accompany you and look after the child while you are busy in shopping.

In simple words it can be said that hiring the live in nanny offer you abundance of benefits making you free from the tension of child’s safety. But hiring the nanny doesn’t mean that you have hired a servant to look after your child, as nanny is taking care of your child during your absence he is like guardian to your child and therefore should be given the same respect as the member of your family. Along with this you should also try to look after her various regular needs and make sure that you provide her all those things that she had been using at her home.

Factors to Consider before Hiring the Services of Live In Nannies

In recent years the practice of hiring the service of nannies has gained huge popularity across the world. In-fact if I say that nannies have become the third arm of the working parents then there would be hardly any person who will disagree with me. This is mainly because of the relaxing services offered by the nannies to the parents who are concerned about the safety of their children during their absence.

Well, before proceeding ahead, let us understand the fact that why there is need of a nanny to look after the child. So, you will agree that today it is the desire of all parents to give their children the luxurious life and the best education, and therefore to achieve this objective both the parents go out for working. It is here when they feel the need of hiring a nanny who could take care of little infants during their absence. But, now the question arises that what type of nanny you wish to hire for your children the live in nanny or live out nanny.

Live in nannies: Live in nanny refers to the nanny that stays at your house throughout the day and go for holiday or holidays only after you grant her permission.

Live out nannies: Live out nannies are those nannies that stay at your house for specific hours of the day during your absence and go back to their home after you return back to home.

Therefore, depending upon your requirements, you can hire any of these nannies for your child. However, hiring the service of live out nanny is highly preferred by lots of families due to affordable charges charged by them, but there are lots of families that prefer to hire the services of live in nannies due to the plethora of benefits they could enjoy by hiring them.

Well before proceeding ahead, let us point out some of the benefits enjoyed by hiring the service of live in nannies.

1. As the live in nannies live at your house throughout the day they also take care of your child while you get yourself free from your regular stuffs after returning back to your home.

2. Moving ahead, sometimes there are various functions where you cannot go with your little ones, at that time you can leave your kids without any concern of their care during your absence.

Apart from these above mentioned there are various benefits which families enjoy by hiring the services of live in nannies. But before hiring their services it is necessary that you should consider the following factors, so that you do not face any problem in future.

1. Staying arrangement: As the nanny that you hire for taking care of your child throughout the day, she will require appropriate room for her to stay and retain her privacy. Moreover, as she stays with your family, she is like the member of your family and therefore, despite of considering her as your paid employee, you should always try to give her the same respect as you give to each other in your family.

2. Determining her duties: Although nannies live in your home, but still she is not your servant that performs your all tasks like dusting, cooking food for you or washing clothes. Always remember that she is there to look after your kid and his basic needs and not to work as your individual servant.

3. Time for personal activities: However live in nanny stays 24×7 with your child, but apart from this she also has her own life, hiring her doesn’t mean that throughout the day she will be with your child. After you return back to home it would be better to ask her for going out and finishing her personal tasks.

In simple words it can be said hiring the service of nanny is boon for you and if you succeed in maintaining this relation with full respect you will enjoy the benefits which you would have enjoyed by keeping your child in supervision of someone known to you.

Hiring a Nanny is not a daunting task, if you are bit smarter

Having a caring nanny for your little one is not less than a boon for the family looking for a nanny to look after their kids during their absence. Therefore, when it comes to searching a perfect nanny for your kid never get mesmerized by alluring endorsements made by the nanny service providers. Because a person to whom consider suitable to take care of children in your absence is not less than a family member of your family rather than an employee. If I say that nannies are the parents of a child when his parents are out of home, then the percentage of parents arguing with me will be very less.

Therefore, now the question arises that how the parents can select the best nanny for their child from the various agencies offers the service of Nannies for hire in North West. In-fact, it is one of the vital questions, from which all parents have to undergo when they have faced the situation. Anyhow, in this regard the best way is the conventional method, i.e., asking for your known ones who at some point have hired the services of nanny for their children. Although before finalizing on any of the nannies suggested by them it would be better to meet the nanny personally and also conduct a search about her background and working experience at your end. This will help you in enjoying a mental peace, otherwise agencies offering the services of nannies have already gone through various cross checks about the background of any nanny before allowing her to work with them.

Once you are satisfied about the background of a nanny, the next thing for you to consider is the charges, Because as the nanny you appoint for your child will stay at your home will not only look after your child but will also use various facilities available at your home. Therefore, keeping all these factors in concern you should make an estimate about the payment that you will be able to pay. If you do not want to stay in your home for a whole day in that scenario you can determine her charges depending upon hourly rates.

Finally the last but not the least, as referred above that a nanny is not your employee, but like a family member and therefore it would be better to give her the same respect as you respect other members in your family. This will not help you in strengthening your relations with her, but also get her closer to your kid.

Things You Must Give a Thought Before Hiring Live-in nanny

Everyone thinks once in a life that he or she could have some helping hand to run their errands or look after the kids. Taking care of kids and tidying up everything is almost an impossible task for a working parent. With workplace duties, providing the best childcare becomes the difficult-to-manage task for working parents. Hence, they look for a childcare service which can look after their children when they are busy in accomplishing their work duties.

Whether you choose a nanny who come at your home daily or the one who will live with you, both are qualified to offer childcare services. And, the best part of live in nannies you can spend time with your kids or can do other household chores after arriving home with no worries of tidying up the mess created by your children. You can even leave the kid in the supervision of a nanny in night hours if any emergency occurs.

You are going to hire a live-in nanny that should be a right candidate to fit with your family. You need to look at every necessary aspect must consider before hiring a live-in nanny.

Does Your Family Okay with Entry of an Outside person at Home?

A live in nanny lives in your home, hence, how your family find it matters in making any decision. Your family might find it difficult adjusting with a new person at home. So, make sure about their comfort level, and then do further.

Can you Afford Her?

Basically, you have to pay less for a live in nanny, then a live out, but you have to offer her room and food. Do you have extra room in your home or can you afford her a room with separate bathroom and a television? Analyze your need and find your budget and then, hire a nanny so for your kids.

Does your home have extra room for a nanny?

Live out nannies can be hired easily as you don’t have any need to offer any accommodation. They come to your home for childcare, and then after completing her waking hours, she goes back to her home. She lives in her own. You don’t have to arrange the house for her. But, with a live-in nanny, you should have an extra room in your home to accommodate her. If you have the room in the home or have some separate room outside your home, then it’s okay. Otherwise, there is no sense to hire a live-in candidate for child care.

These three basic aspects everyone should consider in advance, before moving ahead in the hiring process.

Plan & Research Thoroughly to Hire a Nanny

Hiring a nanny is not an easy task which you can do in a day. Lots of planning, thorough research, verification, and several other steps are needed to find the one whom you can rely for childcare and for the safety of them as well. After all, you need a caregiver who can look after your child in your absence and can meet your expectation within your budget. So, it’s the biggest challenge for parents spending several days in searching the right candidate for the nanny job in their home.

You can either search individually or can take the help of nanny agencies. Well, agencies can save you a lot of time in the searching of a good candidate. They can provide you the best match as per your need. And then you can select the most appropriate one among the candidates sent by the agency. You can also trust on them as they are pre-screened nannies and have gone through the Agencies’ interview already. Despite all these verified candidates whom an agency sends, you should also need to consider few things while looking for a nanny for childcare.


  1. Identify Your Needs: At first, you should make a list of all your expectations you want to look in your nanny. After making the list, you need to rank them according to priority, because, a nanny is basically for offering the childcare and will handle daily chores of children. This will help you in creating a good job description describing your needs in a precise way. If nanny’s age matters for you, then do not forget to mention it in the job description.
  2. Post the Job Requirement: After finalizing your needs, you need to post your job requirement on the websites of nanny agency or in local newspapers. Well, it is good to avoid searching through newspapers. Hiring the one coming from reading the classified in newspaper may be a wrong decision. You might give your kids in a wrong hand due to the lack of information about the nanny.
  3. Interview: You should interview the candidates, which you find good as per your needs. Interview can help you in analyzing her behavior and experience. You can check the documents for identity proof. You can also ask them about the experience and the certification if they have any. You should ask every necessary question which can help you in analyzing her characteristic.
  4. Reference Check: You should also ask for the references where she worked earlier. Asking past employers for their experience with that particular nanny can help you in making the decision. If the references giving you the positive reviews, then you can hire the one for your children. But, do not forget to cross check the references to avoid any type of fraud.
  5. Listen to Your Intuition: You have found everything perfect in a nanny as per your expectations. She is also costing you affordable, but your instinct is saying no for her. You are somewhere inside not feeling good for hiring a particular nanny despite her qualifications and experince, then drop the idea of hiring her. Sometimes listening to intuition is good for you, because she will be caregiving your kids and your kids will grow under her observation. Let your intuition decide and hire the one which cannot only fit best for the job but, can also fit in your intuition as a perfect match.

How Busy families can Find a Good Live in Nanny for their Children?

If your work schedule doesn’t give you time to look after your toddler, then you need better childcare services which can nurture your kids every time, day or night. Having a nanny is not enough for few hours if you are often on tours and live often out at night due to some work reasons. In such conditions, you need a nanny who can give your kids proper care and can live with your family for caregiving.

The only person who can fit best in this situation is live in nannies. You need to find the one who is available every time for your kids, from get off to school to pick them when they end the school day, from helping in study to encourage them for good habits, from preparing hygienic food to clean their clothes, and lots more.

She is the only person who can give your child overnight care when you are away from home for a night or you work in the night or evening shifts. Below, we have mentioned a few tips which can help you in finding the right one for your children.

Decide your Needs:

First off, find out do you really need the live in nanny? What kind of service you are looking for? Will your other family members be comfortable having a new member in the house? You should talk to every family member for their comfort before hiring the one.

Consider the Budget & your Financial Condition:

You are going to hire a full-time nanny who will live with you in your home. So, it is always good to set your budget first. If you are capable in affording her salary and other expenses, then go for the one. After all, when you select live in nanny service, then you will have to provide a separate room, board, and salary to her. Apart from this, you will have to manage taxes also. So, consider your financial condition and set a budget, before you hire any nanny

Find through a Reputable & Credible Source

If you have decided for hiring a nanny, then you need to search very carefully. You can take the help of nanny agencies. These agencies have pre-screened and pre-interviewed nannies. They have sent you the candidates who best match with your job requirement. Later, you can interview them in person and choose the one which you find most suitable for your children.

Reference Checks & background Checks

The safety of your kids and your house is always on priority while hiring a nanny. So, the necessary background checks is must for any employer, before hiring live in nannies. However, an agency has suggested you the candidate with all screening and background checks, but you should also do the same for own satisfaction. You should also ask for at least three reference where she worked earlier to collect reviews about her work quality, behaviour, etc.

If you are satisfied with all the search and screening, then sign a contract with her before the joining. You should also issue an offer of employment within one or two weeks of joining. Keep one copy of the job contract and offer of employment with you also to avoid any inconvenience later.

How Nanny Agencies Work and can Benefit Parents?

Parenting is really a tough task for working couples, which lead them to look for a nanny which can look after their child. And thus, it becomes the first priority of parents. However, finding a nanny on your own is not as simple as it seems. There are lots of factors and important information you can miss during your search. Hence, it is always good to search an agency.

Start searching a good nanny agency with a good reputation in the market to refine your search for the babysitter. The agency should be a reputable one with good reviews for its services. After all, you are going to hire a stranger for looking after your kid. If you are going to take the services from an agency, then you should make sure about the reliability and credibility.

You should interview several agencies and then compare them all, according to their interview results. When you interview an agency, always ask them about the screening process and the policy. Find out about the company’s experience in this business. How much they will charge you for providing the nanny.

Benefits of hiring:

These agencies work in the benefit of families and couples who are in the need of some help for childcare.

  • Hiring through an agency can save you time in the search of nanny background, qualification, work experience, etc.
  • Nanny Agencies already weed out the unqualified candidates or those who cannot fit in your home, as per your requirement.
  • They can help you in finding the right candidate for the nursery jobs of your kid.
  • They can also help you in writing the job description for you, adding all the work responsibility you need in the nanny to work in your home.

What Nanny Agency does?

  • These agencies charge a fee, but for that they will help you in finding the right match according to your desired skills and qualification.
  • They do all necessary verification to find out the qualification and experience.
  • Conduct a thorough research on the identity and background.
  • Perform state and county criminal record check and screening test.

This guide can help you in finding a qualified and good nanny from a reputable agency.

Some Legal Obligations to Follow for Parents to Hire a Nanny

Taking care of a child for a working parent is not easy. If parents want someone who can look after their child in their own home, when they are outside, then they should start searching for a good childcare service. A nanny could be the best choice for you if you are looking for the best childcare, no matter how old your kid is.

It is always good to hire a nanny instead of a childminder for the care of your kid. Nannies are experienced enough in childcare at your own home. They work longer than childminder and can also work on the weekends. They are responsible for washing kids’ clothes, cleaning their rooms, cooking food for them, and taking them for a bath. And, in all these activities, they take care of hygiene and child’s health, and handle the responsibility efficiently through several years of experience.

If you live in the UK and want one to one childcare for your baby in your own home, then it is the right time to become an employer for hiring a nanny for your kid. She would be the person who will look after your child when you are not at home. However, there are some legal obligations to fulfill before employing any of the nannies. Let’s shed light on these obligations below:

Does she have the right to Work in the UK?

Before you employ, make sure that the nanny has all the documents, such as passport, citizenship, letter from a government agency, identity card etc., to prove her eligibility to work in the UK.

Register as an Employer and contribute in Income Tax:

You should need to register at HM Revenue and Customs as an employer and set PAYE (Pay As You Earn) scheme. Thus, you can contribute in paying and deducting the taxes of your nanny. You will also be responsible to pay for National Insurance and liability insurance.

Keep Payment Record

You should also keep the record of payments you have made and provide payslips to the nanny you have employed. You can also opt for a payroll to keep everything managed regarding payments.

Don’t Forget the Employment Contract:

If you are looking to hire a nanny, then issue her an employment contract in written, either before the date of joining or after two months of joining. This employment contract consists of the salary, duties, holiday entitlement, etc. You and your nanny both have the separate copy of this employment letter.

Pay at Least Minimum Wage Set by the Government

The UK government has fixed a minimum wage for nannies on hire. You cannot pay them below this minimum wage. However, nannies ask for the salaries according to their qualification and experience. There are different wages for day nannies and live-in nannies, as per their working hours.

Rules for Termination:

If it’s been a month only when you employed a nanny, then you or your nanny should be obliged to give the one week’s termination notice. If it’s been more than one month, then one month of notice will be given by you or your nanny for the termination.