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Nannies: A Boon for single parents

Being a single parent is not less than a punishment for a person whether he is a man or woman, because still despite of so many endorsements about the social development across the world, there are various segments in society who do not have respectful attitude towards the single parents, especially who are separated. Here it would be important to understand that the concept of single parents is not restricted on the couples who have legally separated from the court, but also those whose spouse had left them alone due to death at the early age. Although today going through the increase in number of remarriage there is decline in the number of single parents, but still there are lots of people who hesitate in marrying again. As an impact of this not only they have to cope with the traditions of the society, but also with a bunch of personal problems.

Anyhow, the common problem which both types of single parents face in their life is taking care of their children, especially who are infants or younger kids going to the school. Because as they also wish to leave any stone unturned when it comes towards looking after their children these parents also have to go out of home for earning substantial money to offer luxurious life to their kids. But as they do not have someone to look after the little ones during their absence it becomes difficult for them to manage a balance between their personal and professional life.

Interestingly, today there are lots of classifieds about the availability of nannies in the local newspapers but how to hire a nanny is the matter of concern for such parents, because a little mistake in finding the authentic nanny might put them in great trouble. If anyone is going through the same problem, then there are certain factors for him to consider, which could help them in finding a good nanny for their child.

  • The best way to find the good nanny is contacting to few nanny agencies rather than contacting the one agency to whom you first. Doing this will help you in not only contacting the various nannies but also help you in understanding and differentiating the terms and conditions determined by different agencies for nannies.
  • When you visit any of the nanny agencies the agency offering you the service of nannies for hire will provide you the list of nannies registered with it. After which depending upon your preferences you can select few of them and interview them personally and assess about their experience and knowledge.
  • Do not hesitate while interviewing the nanny. It is seen that being single parent lots of parents hesitate in asking questions with nannies. Always remember it is the matte of your child’s safety and you should not compromise on that. If you think that the nanny you wish to hire is asking high salary beyond limitations do tell them your ability and ask them to negotiate according to your common interests.
  • You should also check their references and make sure that they will be able to provide proper care to your child during your absence.

Keeping these factors will definitely help you in finding the suitable nanny for your kid with little endeavors.


Things to avoid during nanny hire process

Hiring a nanny for your toddler is one of the biggest decisions of your life especially when you’re a working woman. Make sure before you make a final decision, you do not leave any room for error. There are some so common mistakes that a lot of people make during the process of nanny hire. Let’s have a look at these mistakes and make sure you try avoiding these mistakes while you hire a nanny:-

• Starting the search too late: If you’re beginning with the process of hiring a babysitter just a few weeks before you head back to work, then it’s clearly too late. Finding a right person and employing her/him to care for your toddler takes a lot of time. Usually, the last minute decisions can lead you towards making wrong decisions that you’ll regret afterward. Beware! After all, it is the matter of your child’s care and safety.

• Fail to consider the needs of the entire family: The family needs are equally important but most of the parents just consider the needs and requirements of their kid. They forget about the interest s of all your family members. If you live alone, that’s not an issue, but if you live with your whole family, this point is worth considering.

• Consider fairly the nanny’s rates: There are many options when you start looking for nannies for hire. The hiring decision may vary from person to person but do not consider hiring a nanny for your kid if she is asking for a less money as compared to the one who is asking for more. Consider their charges on a fairly basic as the nanny who demands more money may have more skills, qualification, and experience as compared to the one who is asking for less money.

• Not conducting background checks: Last, but not the least. It is of much importance to conduct background checks as you have to find a nanny who is reliable and is having a fair background and past experience. Thus, before you make a final decision conduct potential checks on the candidate and evaluate her on various levels.

Having a nanny- Good or Bad?

Nanny services are majorly used by the people who stay in nuclear families and both husband and wife are working. Nannies are hired because most of the parents do not like dealing with the politics of relying on any relative or the hassle of daily pickups and drop-offs at any baby care centre.

There are many nanny agencies that employ people to provide motherly care to the infants, toddlers and even the grown-up kids. Here are some good and some bad consequences of having a nanny. Let us have a look at the advantages first:

  • Homely stay: Nanny Care makes a baby grow under familiar surroundings as the baby stays at home and grows up within the family wherein in the baby care centre, the child is somehow restricted. The homely stay allows a child to sleep and eat as per his/her own routine and need not have to follow any rules from the very early age.
  • One-on-one care: Hiring a person to take care of your child is a great option because the child would get individual care every day. Whereas in a daycare centre it is not necessary that your child will be given priority when he/she cries or need something because there are many other kids as well whose care is the responsibility of the care centre.
  • Flexibility: Scheduling is much easier with a nanny as compared to a daycare centre because such centres have their own opening and closing times and you have to reach there anyhow by the closing time to pick your child up and all this can create serious hassles in your lives.

The bad consequences or the disadvantages include:

Nanny care does have certain disadvantages or we can say limitations, making the process of hiring a nanny complicated and doubtful to trust someone and leave your child over their responsibility all day long. Let us have a look at these drawbacks of hiring a nanny:

  • No back up care options: A lot of families have come across the situation that their nanny has left the job all of a sudden without any prior notice and therefore people now have started including the clause in the contract that whenever a nanny needs to leave job she has to give a prior notice of a month so that the parents can start their hunt for a new nanny for their child as a replacement.
  • Less social interaction: Your child’s social interaction is somehow restricted being with his/her nanny every time. For this, you need to sign your child up for some classes and encourage the nanny to take her regularly to the classes to boost her social interaction.

Other than the above-listed there are many other advantages and disadvantages of hiring a nanny. Lack of privacy and the hassle of a lot of paperwork is something that binds the parents to rethink about hiring a caretaker for their child. Make sure you interview the candidate properly and you take in a copy of all the necessary documents before her first day at work. Also, consider employing a caretaker from well-known and reputed nanny agencies in your vicinity.

Factors to Consider before Hiring the Services of Live In Nannies

In recent years the practice of hiring the service of nannies has gained huge popularity across the world. In-fact if I say that nannies have become the third arm of the working parents then there would be hardly any person who will disagree with me. This is mainly because of the relaxing services offered by the nannies to the parents who are concerned about the safety of their children during their absence.

Well, before proceeding ahead, let us understand the fact that why there is need of a nanny to look after the child. So, you will agree that today it is the desire of all parents to give their children the luxurious life and the best education, and therefore to achieve this objective both the parents go out for working. It is here when they feel the need of hiring a nanny who could take care of little infants during their absence. But, now the question arises that what type of nanny you wish to hire for your children the live in nanny or live out nanny.

Live in nannies: Live in nanny refers to the nanny that stays at your house throughout the day and go for holiday or holidays only after you grant her permission.

Live out nannies: Live out nannies are those nannies that stay at your house for specific hours of the day during your absence and go back to their home after you return back to home.

Therefore, depending upon your requirements, you can hire any of these nannies for your child. However, hiring the service of live out nanny is highly preferred by lots of families due to affordable charges charged by them, but there are lots of families that prefer to hire the services of live in nannies due to the plethora of benefits they could enjoy by hiring them.

Well before proceeding ahead, let us point out some of the benefits enjoyed by hiring the service of live in nannies.

1. As the live in nannies live at your house throughout the day they also take care of your child while you get yourself free from your regular stuffs after returning back to your home.

2. Moving ahead, sometimes there are various functions where you cannot go with your little ones, at that time you can leave your kids without any concern of their care during your absence.

Apart from these above mentioned there are various benefits which families enjoy by hiring the services of live in nannies. But before hiring their services it is necessary that you should consider the following factors, so that you do not face any problem in future.

1. Staying arrangement: As the nanny that you hire for taking care of your child throughout the day, she will require appropriate room for her to stay and retain her privacy. Moreover, as she stays with your family, she is like the member of your family and therefore, despite of considering her as your paid employee, you should always try to give her the same respect as you give to each other in your family.

2. Determining her duties: Although nannies live in your home, but still she is not your servant that performs your all tasks like dusting, cooking food for you or washing clothes. Always remember that she is there to look after your kid and his basic needs and not to work as your individual servant.

3. Time for personal activities: However live in nanny stays 24×7 with your child, but apart from this she also has her own life, hiring her doesn’t mean that throughout the day she will be with your child. After you return back to home it would be better to ask her for going out and finishing her personal tasks.

In simple words it can be said hiring the service of nanny is boon for you and if you succeed in maintaining this relation with full respect you will enjoy the benefits which you would have enjoyed by keeping your child in supervision of someone known to you.

Hiring a Nanny is not a daunting task, if you are bit smarter

Having a caring nanny for your little one is not less than a boon for the family looking for a nanny to look after their kids during their absence. Therefore, when it comes to searching a perfect nanny for your kid never get mesmerized by alluring endorsements made by the nanny service providers. Because a person to whom consider suitable to take care of children in your absence is not less than a family member of your family rather than an employee. If I say that nannies are the parents of a child when his parents are out of home, then the percentage of parents arguing with me will be very less.

Therefore, now the question arises that how the parents can select the best nanny for their child from the various agencies offers the service of Nannies for hire in North West. In-fact, it is one of the vital questions, from which all parents have to undergo when they have faced the situation. Anyhow, in this regard the best way is the conventional method, i.e., asking for your known ones who at some point have hired the services of nanny for their children. Although before finalizing on any of the nannies suggested by them it would be better to meet the nanny personally and also conduct a search about her background and working experience at your end. This will help you in enjoying a mental peace, otherwise agencies offering the services of nannies have already gone through various cross checks about the background of any nanny before allowing her to work with them.

Once you are satisfied about the background of a nanny, the next thing for you to consider is the charges, Because as the nanny you appoint for your child will stay at your home will not only look after your child but will also use various facilities available at your home. Therefore, keeping all these factors in concern you should make an estimate about the payment that you will be able to pay. If you do not want to stay in your home for a whole day in that scenario you can determine her charges depending upon hourly rates.

Finally the last but not the least, as referred above that a nanny is not your employee, but like a family member and therefore it would be better to give her the same respect as you respect other members in your family. This will not help you in strengthening your relations with her, but also get her closer to your kid.

Things You Must Give a Thought Before Hiring Live-in nanny

Everyone thinks once in a life that he or she could have some helping hand to run their errands or look after the kids. Taking care of kids and tidying up everything is almost an impossible task for a working parent. With workplace duties, providing the best childcare becomes the difficult-to-manage task for working parents. Hence, they look for a childcare service which can look after their children when they are busy in accomplishing their work duties.

Whether you choose a nanny who come at your home daily or the one who will live with you, both are qualified to offer childcare services. And, the best part of live in nannies you can spend time with your kids or can do other household chores after arriving home with no worries of tidying up the mess created by your children. You can even leave the kid in the supervision of a nanny in night hours if any emergency occurs.

You are going to hire a live-in nanny that should be a right candidate to fit with your family. You need to look at every necessary aspect must consider before hiring a live-in nanny.

Does Your Family Okay with Entry of an Outside person at Home?

A live in nanny lives in your home, hence, how your family find it matters in making any decision. Your family might find it difficult adjusting with a new person at home. So, make sure about their comfort level, and then do further.

Can you Afford Her?

Basically, you have to pay less for a live in nanny, then a live out, but you have to offer her room and food. Do you have extra room in your home or can you afford her a room with separate bathroom and a television? Analyze your need and find your budget and then, hire a nanny so for your kids.

Does your home have extra room for a nanny?

Live out nannies can be hired easily as you don’t have any need to offer any accommodation. They come to your home for childcare, and then after completing her waking hours, she goes back to her home. She lives in her own. You don’t have to arrange the house for her. But, with a live-in nanny, you should have an extra room in your home to accommodate her. If you have the room in the home or have some separate room outside your home, then it’s okay. Otherwise, there is no sense to hire a live-in candidate for child care.

These three basic aspects everyone should consider in advance, before moving ahead in the hiring process.

How Busy families can Find a Good Live in Nanny for their Children?

If your work schedule doesn’t give you time to look after your toddler, then you need better childcare services which can nurture your kids every time, day or night. Having a nanny is not enough for few hours if you are often on tours and live often out at night due to some work reasons. In such conditions, you need a nanny who can give your kids proper care and can live with your family for caregiving.

The only person who can fit best in this situation is live in nannies. You need to find the one who is available every time for your kids, from get off to school to pick them when they end the school day, from helping in study to encourage them for good habits, from preparing hygienic food to clean their clothes, and lots more.

She is the only person who can give your child overnight care when you are away from home for a night or you work in the night or evening shifts. Below, we have mentioned a few tips which can help you in finding the right one for your children.

Decide your Needs:

First off, find out do you really need the live in nanny? What kind of service you are looking for? Will your other family members be comfortable having a new member in the house? You should talk to every family member for their comfort before hiring the one.

Consider the Budget & your Financial Condition:

You are going to hire a full-time nanny who will live with you in your home. So, it is always good to set your budget first. If you are capable in affording her salary and other expenses, then go for the one. After all, when you select live in nanny service, then you will have to provide a separate room, board, and salary to her. Apart from this, you will have to manage taxes also. So, consider your financial condition and set a budget, before you hire any nanny

Find through a Reputable & Credible Source

If you have decided for hiring a nanny, then you need to search very carefully. You can take the help of nanny agencies. These agencies have pre-screened and pre-interviewed nannies. They have sent you the candidates who best match with your job requirement. Later, you can interview them in person and choose the one which you find most suitable for your children.

Reference Checks & background Checks

The safety of your kids and your house is always on priority while hiring a nanny. So, the necessary background checks is must for any employer, before hiring live in nannies. However, an agency has suggested you the candidate with all screening and background checks, but you should also do the same for own satisfaction. You should also ask for at least three reference where she worked earlier to collect reviews about her work quality, behaviour, etc.

If you are satisfied with all the search and screening, then sign a contract with her before the joining. You should also issue an offer of employment within one or two weeks of joining. Keep one copy of the job contract and offer of employment with you also to avoid any inconvenience later.